Thursday, November 6, 2008

2.5 Iyers #5 - Roadside Romeo

This week, the Two and a Half Iyers investigate the curious incident of the dogs in the night-time. Jugal Hansraj's directorial debut is India's first big-budget-anthrophmorphic-talking-animal-bollywood-extravaganza, Roadside Romeo.

With Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Jaaved Jaaferi and host of supporting characters,this film is the first to be produced under the Walt Disney - Yash Raj banner. Does it live up to expectations or should it be rechristened Roadside Roadkill? Listen, download or subscribe to find out!

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./aditi said...

Hi, I just wanted to comment and tell you guys that I thoroughly enjoyed your review of Roadside Romeo. You all definitely made some great points!

I am an animator in the US and I've been following along the Indian animation industry with much curiosity and interest - especially considering my roots :). I linked to your site through I'm kind of a mixed mind about Roadside Romeo - I'm almost in total agreement with Akhila about the story, and especially the point she made about "why" was this movie done as an animation, if they were just to do the same bollywood script as they would with live action. As for technical quality - the look and the feel of the characters was of a much higher standard than I've seen come out of a big production studio in India. The "lighting" of the set, the textures, etc were very beautifully done and definitely up there in quality. But I was very disappointed in the actual animation of most of the characters - their movements were stiff and choppy, and a lot of the believability and "lovability" of a 3d character comes from its actions and the emotional response of the audience to that character. In that sense, the movie definitely suffered... most of the time I was just distracted by poor animation, and the fact that these dogs were doing item numbers, that it was so hard to focus on the story.

Which brings me to the fact that yes, its great that India is doing something like this, but it is so sad, I've seen the talent on cgtantra and other indian animation websites, its not fair to the amazing storytellers and animators out there that drivel like this can get funded, and take away chances from people who actually understand the medium and can create a story with heart. India is definitely much better than what was shown by this movie... hopefully you are right, I am also very excited to see Arjuna as well.

Keep up the good work you three!